Please join us and be a Catalyst

Over the past 40 years, 1708 has been a catalyst for artists to create extraordinary and influential contemporary artworks. These artworks have celebrated communities, have provided a bridge between experiences, and have expanded our understanding of what art can be.

This past year alone, 1708 has been a catalyst for over 30 artists and projects. We began the season honoring artists whose passion and ambition have left indelible marks on 1708 with an exhibition of works by founding artist Gerald Donato, curated by Bruce Wilhelm. This year also saw the profound East End Cemetery project shared through the dedicated work of Brian Palmer and Erin Holloway Palmer. We were inspired by the metaphor of resilience and strength running wild through Aaron McIntosh’s invasive kudzu and Massa Lemu brought us into a Malawian election with a platform beckoning visitors to reflect on the global political climate. Alan Ruiz used of infrastructures and the existing architecture of 1708 to consider the complicated history of urban development. And we can’t forget the work 1708 has supported outside the gallery walls from Sable Elyse Smith’s call-to-action billboard in Jackson Ward to the dazzle of InLight at the VMFA.

It has truly been a remarkable season at 1708 as we've celebrated our 40th anniversary, we've also received our W.A.G.E. certification. W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy) is a national organization that advocates for sustainable wages for working artists and to which organizations apply for accreditation. W.A.G.E. certification amplifies the artist-centered mission of 1708 and underscores our commitment to o bring our exhibiting artists the resources—financial and more—that they need to experiment, innovate and develop exhibitions and projects like those above.

Each of our exhibitions, projects, and initiatives have inspired and moved us with work that feels necessary, timely and even urgent. They have invited us to think about what matters most—the communities that we live in – and they’ve asked us to think about what makes these communities whole. We are steadfast in our belief that by being catalysts for artists’ ideas and projects through financial and organizational support provides the ingredients for exhibitions that engage all our audiences.

Each year donations to our annual fund help us to help artists imagine and realize bold visions. Your support of our annual fund demonstrates that you – like 1708 – believe that a city filled with thriving artists is an exciting and vibrant one. This is what becoming a catalysts means! At the close of our fiscal year, your tax-deductible contribution in any amount will enable us to support our upcoming artists to the fullest as they do the kind of inspirational work that is critical to these times.

Donate Now

In honor of this landmark year, we are pleased to offer two incentives for supporting 1708: 

  • The first three donors at the $1500 level, or higher, will receive one of three framed, unique artworks by 1708 founding artist Gerald Donato. (Pictured below)

  • The first ten donors at the $500 level, or higher, will receive a limited edition print of the Donato artwork pictured on the left below.

  • Donors of ALL levels will receive our gratitude and appreciation!