Postcards from 1985

Postcards from 1985

May 11 – 15, 2020

1708 Gallery is excited to announce the online exhibition Postcards from 1985. In the Summer of 1985 Artist Members of 1708 created a project that challenged the conventions of exhibition platforms titled POSTCARD ART. To this day 1708 still fosters the same innovation and ethos from its many founders and members. Postcards from 1985 is an online exhibition of the 25 original postcard artworks.

POSTCARD ART presented art created by Artist Members of 1708 Gallery (formerly 1708 E. Main) that make use of the visual and historical tradition of postcards. The works on exhibit were created with the knowledge that they would be transferred into the postcard format. The postcards extend the opportunity for communicating a visual message, and answer the challenge posed by resulting changes in medium and scale.

Postcards from 1985 takes a cue from 1708’s history, and by re-exhibiting this project online it poses similar questions of communication, reception, and circulation in the exhibition of diverse media. In a time when we must address all the ways in which we share and support arts and culture we are deeply grateful for those that forged that path many years ago. Exhibiting artist are Daniel Brisbane, Gregg Carbo, Richard Carlyon, Tom Chenoweth, Frank Cole, Tom DeSmidt, Diana Detamore, Gerald Donato, Jean Edwards, Casa Gibson, Sally Bowring, Greig Leach, Michael McSweeney, James Miller, John Morgan, Harold North, David Noyes, Elaine Rogers, Michele Smith, Donna Weiss Nicholson, David White, Robbie Wooding, Willie Anne Wright.

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Daniel Brisbane

Gregg Carbo

Richard Carlyon

Tom Chenoweth

Frank Cole

Ton DeSmidt

Diana Detamore

Gerald Donato

Jean Edwards

Casa Gibson

Sally Bowring

Greig Leach

Michael McSweeney

James Miller

John Morgan

Donna Weiss Nicholson

Harold North

David Noyes

Elaine Rogers

Michele Smith

David White

Robbie Wooding

Willie Anne Wright