Mahari Chabwera: The Salt Eaters – Recitations

June 6 – August 27, 2020

Mahari Chabwera invites you to join her in an exercise of re-en-soulment. The Salt Eaters – Recitations is a series of regenerative virtual readings to be listened to, held, and remembered. Selected excerpts and combinations from The Salt Eaters by Toni Cade Bambara, will be read by Chabwera and potential guest Elders and Co-conspirators. These partial recitations will be released every Sunday and accumulate in the links below. Chabwera encourages listening to each at your own pace, time, and order. This project will inform visitors and participants of Chabwera’s process and journey in the preparation for her exhibition of new works opening August 27, 2020. The Salt Eaters – Recitations filter Bambara’s stories through Chabwera in a recipe of release. Bambara reminds us we get to choose our own cures. That we decide what to do with wholeness. That health is our right, and wellness invites us to surrender 7 generations of weight of inflicted turmoil, and the ebb and flow of distress and fear. Our Spirit has the right  to elevate within a grounded awareness of the present moment. Chabwera speaks with and through Bambara, practicing surrendering Self to Soul inorder to channel collective spiritual healing.


Listen to each reading by clicking the following links:


The Salt Eaters – Recitations: 2


The Salt Eaters - Recitations: 3

The Salt Eaters - Recitations: 4


The Salt Eaters - Recitations: 5


The Salt Eaters - Recitations: 6




Excerpt From The Salt Eaters by Toni Cade Bambara: 

“Not all wars have casualties, Vee. Some struggles between old and new ideas, some battles between ways of seeing have only victors. Not all dying is the physical self.”

“Death of habit, idea, a time?” Velma sits down on a log and ponders. “Seeing. Dying.” 

“To announce a new beginning.” Sophie tugs on the lines and the silk ripples. “And was the wound near your eye, Vee?”


Velma traces the line from the wound to her eyebrow to a spot between her eyes. Sophie leans out of the chair and places a shell there, then stretches her ear toward her godchild’s forehead and listens…