January 6 – February 4, 2012

Sara Pomerance, Lydia Moyer, Jennifer Sullivan and Keren Cytter

1708 Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, TELLING TALES, featuring four female artists who work in video: Sara Pomerance, Lydia Moyer, Jennifer Sullivan and Keren Cytter. Exhibited in 4 segments, with one week per artist, TELLING TALES will open with Sara Pomerance’s Everything is Under Control.

The full schedule is:

Sara Pomerance, Everything is Under Control, January 6–12

Lydia Moyer, Paradise, January 13-19

Jennifer Sullivan, Adult Movie and One-Week Walden, January 20-26

Keren Cytter, Four Seasons and Konstruktion, January 27 – February 2

Each of these artists employs specific narrative devices to explore a variety of themes. Sara Pomerance’s series of videos entitled Everything is Under Control presents a string of mundane, everyday exchanges between family members. In Pomerance’s shorts, one member of the exchange is off camera, creating a dissonance between the characters and audience.

Lydia Moyer’s Paradise examines five sites of societal and environmental disasters, from Jonestown, Guyana to post Katrina New Orleans. She creates distance to the site with voice-over narration and, at the same time, instills a presence through captured light.

In Jennifer Sullivan’s videos, the artist turns the camera on herself in two semi-autobiographical works that address, in tongue-in-cheek fashion, the plight of being an artist and the struggle for authenticity.

Keren Cytter employs a fragmented, non-linear style to convey situations of anxiety and distress in relationships.

For the conclusion of TELLING TALES, all four artists works will be screened at the February 3 First Fridays and on Saturday February 4. Saturday will feature a gallery talk and Q and A with several of the artists.