Oscar Munoz, Imprints for a Fleeting Memorial

February 18 – March 31, 2012

In partnership with the Visual Arts Center, 1708 Gallery hosts an exhibition of works by Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz. Muñoz, who was featured at the 52nd International Venice Biennale in 2007, investigates the status of the image in relation to memory. Muñoz is equally interested in process and engages multiple modes of working from photography, film, drawing, printmaking and installation.

The featured installation at 1708 will be Ambulatorio, 36 black and white aerial photographs of Cali, Colombia, Muñoz’s home. The photographs are mounted on security glass and installed on the floor, inviting visitors to literally traverse the city, becoming participants in the construction of meaning surrounding the work.

From a recent text, Eduardo Serrano, art critic and former curator of the Museum of Modern Art (Bogotá) comments on Ambulatorio:

In Muñoz’s works, deterioration, violence, life and death are not directly represented, but are presented in allegorical and subtle ways. However, the atmosphere that they impose, the allusions they involve and the thoughts they produce are more convincing and effective that those stimulated by any literal image. A large aerial photograph of Cali covered with shattered security glass complements the disturbing and sharp sensations that this show produces. One of the most outstanding shows in recent years due to the originality of its elaboration, the poetry of its vision and the universality of its message.