Lisa & Janelle Iglesias : seesaw / seasaw

January 8 – February 13, 2016

Opening : Friday, January 8th, 5 - 8 p.m.

Artist Talk : Friday, January 8th, 6 p.m.


1708 Gallery is pleased to present seasaw, an exhibition of recent collaborative work by Lisa and Janelle Iglesias. The sisters, whose individual practices are grounded in Drawing and Sculpture, have maintained a project-based collaboration as Las Hermanas Iglesias for the past 11 years. More recently, their efforts have evolved to include a new project, Lisa and Janelle Iglesias, a collaboration aiming to blur the lines between their individual studio practices and the comfort zones of their respective disciplines.

As the title suggests, the works in seesaw playfully speak to the back and forth of collaboration, approaching the studio as a site for multiple lenses and viewpoints. Driven by a spirit of mischief and experimentation, their works are alternately playful and formal, employing palindromic strategies and creative gestures of call and response. The exhibition features a series of works on paper that privilege color and patterning, alluding to communications of mark-making. Holes and paper pulp challenge the works' two-dimensionality, resist techniques and layering further complicate their depth. Hinged paintings suggest a hide & seek interaction while tubular sculptures are puzzled together from both familiar and unlikely sources, creating line-drawings in space.

Throughout the exhibition, abstractions are mediated and interrupted by collaged elements. While at times digital in appearance, the works on paper are completely analog and speak to the hand-made (indeed, other works literally incorporate casts or images of the sisters' hands). Further pushing this approach and their collaborative process, seasaw includes a selection of knit-paintings made by their Norwegian mother, Bodhild, created as visual translations of the works on paper. 


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