Satellite Exhibition

Art that Explores Materiality & Time

September 14, 2013 – January 12, 2014

ReMake: Art that Explores Materiality & Time, 1708's latest satellite exhibition, features works by Coloratura, Lynn Murphy, Ansel Olson, Robert Strini, Susan Wittier, and Aggie Zed. The exhibtiion is on view through January 12, 2014. Join us at the Linden Row Inn for a reception with the artists on Friday, October 4 from 5 to 9 pm.

Every surface has a history that is permeable, or not, and ripe for creative exploitation. The artists of the Richmond Street Art Festival celebrate these possibilities in the form of public art, while the six artists presented in ReMake create art that is sensitive to the manipulation of surfaces and forms imbued with history.

Ansel Olson's photographs demonstrate a sensitivity to light and form that document the passage of time and celebrate its effects. His ability to construct histories and transform the mundane flotsam and jetsam of life with implied meaning relies on the alchemy of a sensitive eye, recognition of the opportune and a mastery of technique.

Lynn Murphy's diptych paintings tackle space with the grace of an installation artist and sculptor. Figures fall and spin through a sequenced ground in an endless cycle. They evoke a permeable membrane between waking and dreaming and the space between beginnings and endings.

Sculptor Robert Strini explores the notion of space and language with masterful constructions that transcend their materiality. Whimsical, yet focused, his forms are moving through a world that exists somewhere between the material and the spiritual. The power of objects, signs and symbols command our attention with intelligence and humility.

Susann Whittier reconstructs, rearranges and creates new patinas and scenarios with found objects, abandoned construction materials and natural ephemera that would otherwise meet their end in a woodpile or dumpster. Her arte povera attitude has been key to her process since her collaborative Bonehead constructions with partner Tom Brickman in the early 90's. Traces of nature and industry inform her intimate, constructed landscapes.

Rob Womack of Coloratura crosses time and space with his transformative interpretations of functional objects from other eras. He and partner Catherine Roseberry paint, restore and interpret vintage furniture with imagery, color and texture that transcend time and experience.

Aggie Zed's studio practice is situated in the forest, surrounded by chickens and wild life. Her sculpture and drawings exhibit a keen understanding of the politics of the animal kingdom. Her scrap floats are created with copper, plastic, tin and found objects. Her floats echo the narrative in her drawings and her drawings echo her floats. Writing is drawing and drawing is sculpture in Zed's constructed dilemmas.

ReMake celebrates the work of six artists who are drawn to recycling materials at hand, often reinventing their origins and appropriating their histories in the process. It's a curated universe of objects offering the promise of everlasting life—redefined.

Amie Oliver
1708 Gallery Satellite Exhibitions Liason and Curator