Satellite Exhibition

Watershed Extension

March 5 - May 21, 2017

1708 Gallery is pleased to present Watershed Extension, a satellite exhibition at Linden Row Inn on view through May 21, 2017. Watershed Extension is an expansion of the previous exhibition, Watershed featuring works by Pierre Bowring, Genesis Chapman, Andrea Keys Connell, Alex Nyerges, and Sayaka Suzuki.

Each artist presenting work in Watershed creates art that evokes the power, beauty and fragility of The James River and the watershed basin that feeds it. Richmond’s origins are a combination of geography, memory and the will of humanity, all waterborne. Recent landmarks in the political, environmental and cultural climate inspire us to embrace what sustains us. These seven artists create art that functions as a bridge for questioning and understanding political and environmental change.

Pierre Bowring creates unique glass vessels that are transparent containers. As functional as they are beautiful and playful, they could collect the waters of the James but its beauty, strength and fragility functions as a muse for his timeless forms.

Genesis Chapman creates ink paintings which document the change and destruction he has witnessed in his Appalachian Homeland. Primary to this change is the power of water and how it carves the mountains over time.

Andrea Keys Connell creates ambitious sculptural statements about art, life and human nature embedded with themes of history and mythology. The passage of time and materiality is a force in her work that addresses truths in clay on every scale.

Alex Nyerges explores the James and its environs in all seasons and weather conditions. His timeless images capture the light. history, and romance of his subject from numerous perspectives.

Sayaya Suzuki creates mixed media work that investigates a language of adaptation. Her cultural mash ups intermix her ancestral heritage with observations of the codes and traditions of her new native land, its river and customs.

Watershed moments come and go yet our rivers persist as life lines and tributaries. Years ago I traveled from New Orleans to California via Amtrak. The journey was unpredictable and full of delays due to the inability of the US Army Corp of Engineers to predict the rise and fall of our nation's rivers. Nature always wins. Let's respect and celebrate it.

Amie Oliver, curator of this exhibition, is an artist and educator and a board member of 1708 Gallery.