Satellite Exhibition


May 22 - September 3, 2017

1708 Gallery is pleased to present Manifest, a satellite exhibition featuring Jack Glover, Aaron McIntosh, Gordon Stettinius, Wesley Taylor, and Dennis Winston—artists who question, observe or celebrate American freedom. Each artist’s work focuses on creating and engaging with community. Each painting, print and collage within the exhibition adds their voice to the conversation on American politics and culture.

Jack Glover is noted performer, composer and printmaker. His woodcuts embrace the human condition and celebrate it with humor and dignity. Jack was recognized by The Carter Peace Center for his work with children and was an honored guest at the White House for his book Theatre Arts and the Handicapped.

Aaron McIntosh is a fourth generation quilt maker and cross-disciplinary artist whose repurposed collages and fiber works examine the intersections of material culture, family tradition, passion, and identity politics. His installations can be invasive, playful and powerful.

Gordon Stettinius is an internationally acclaimed photographer. His adventures with a pinhole camera capture the independent American spirit with humor and grace- an attitude he brought to Broad Street when he created a new forum for photographers. Candela Books + Art publishes monographs and exhibits artwork.

Wesley Taylor is a graphic designer, artist, musician, and curator. As a "scene builder" in the Detroit Hip Hop community his experience as emcee and graphic designer for Athletic Mic League is referenced in his installation of vinyl cover designs on display in Manifest.

Dennis Winston creates woodcuts inspired by universal themes. As his muse has roots that are grounded in both urban and rural life Dennis has been a recipient of a public arts commission from the City of Richmond and is a fellow of the Virginia Commission of the Arts.

Each of the artists on view in Manifest exemplify a distinctive voice that conveys their individual desire to create conversation and community - a goal the founders of 1708 Gallery made manifest almost 40 years ago.

Amie Oliver, curator of this exhibition, is an artist and educator and a board member of 1708 Gallery.