Satellite Exhibition

John Henley

Round 1: January 15 - April 1, 2018
Round 2: April 2 - July 8, 2018

Round 2 Reception for the artists and subjects: Friday, April 6 from 6 to 8 pm, 2018 at Linden Row Inn, 100 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23219

1708 Gallery is pleased to present photographs by John Henley capturing iconic Richmond artists in their studios, homes, and surrounded by their work. These photographs include Myron Helfgott, Willie Anne Wright, Thomas Daniel, Medford Taylor, and many others who help make the Richmond arts community great.

As 1708 Gallery approached its 40th Anniversary, we are celebrating the past, present, and future of the gallery's role in Richmond's vast and vibrant community. John Henley, an early 1708 artist, began this series by approaching Richmond artists that were significant to him. The series continues to grow much like Richmond's art scene. The artists depicted here are part of our history, our present, and their work will continue to influence many future generations.

In late 2014, I photographed Myron Helfgott in his studio. It was the beginning a project that I had been brewing for many years. I had returned to Richmond from art school in California in the mid 1970’s and immediately met Willie Anne Wright, Thomas Daniel, Medford Taylor and other photographers in Richmond. Later at VCU I met Myron, Richard Carlyon, John Heroy, David White, and Dale Quarterman. This was the beginning of a network and support system of artists that continues to grow and seems essential to my work.

The idea of making a series of environmental portraits of these artists came to me starting with Myron and Willie Anne. The idea has evolved, seemingly taking on a life of its own. Spending time with the artist surrounded by the art they make is as rewarding to me as the photographs I make.

- John Henley

The photographs are all taken in black and white with a wide view that emphasizes the human subject as well as the background. Henley conveys the particular sensibility of each artist through lighting, zoom, focus, and angle. John Henley received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute before returning to Richmond for his Masters. Fittingly, John Henley once lived on the third floor of the Linden Row Inn which shows that then — and now — there is a place for art and artists at the Linden Row Inn.