Satellite Exhibition

Landmarks II

Sept 16, 2019 - Feb 23, 2020

Landmarks II Artist Reception: Fri, October 4, 6-8 pm
Linden Row Inn, 100 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23219

Richmond is a city noted for its historic landmarks. For 1708 Gallery, these include the many artists who created, supported and inspired our mission since our conception 40 years ago. Landmarks ll is the second of two exhibitions designed to highlight the work of these artists.

Our creation story began in a historic and neglected district: Shockoe Bottom. It was a beacon of things to come—for the neighborhood and the region. Shockoe Bottom was a flood plain with no floodwall; hence 1708 had no protection from rising rents—or waters! As the gallery endured numerous fiscal and creative milestones these artists are a few of the persistent makers, painters, printers, sculptors, curators, and professors who contributed, and still contribute to 1708’s rich history.

Founding member and sculptor Tom Chenoweth continues to support 1708 Gallery to this day. He founded and operates Astra Designs, a joint enterprise marketing a creative output for sculpture, art jewelry, and furniture. Founders Davi det Hompson and Gerald Donato are no longer with us, but their inspirational work is held in the collections of many Richmond homes. Hompson left a Fluxus legacy of wielding text as visual form. Donato paved daring, new painting directions and was a pioneering VCUarts professor. Their lifetimes of work continue to live on in their successors and posthumous exhibitions.

Artists Gregg Carbo, Danny Finney, Chris Gregson, Paul Dipasquale and Aggie Zed were all part of 1708’s earliest exhibition seasons in Shockoe Bottom. Their sculptures and paintings are some of the many reasons why 1708 Gallery is a center for artistic innovation.

Photographer Anne Savedge’s dedication and commitment is embodies the spirit of 1708. Painters Diego Sanchez, Kathryn Henry-Choisser and Kendra Wadsworth continue to carry the torch. They are dependable forces and it is hard to imagine 1708 Gallery without them. Whatever is necessary, they make it happen!

Currently, 1708 Gallery is located at 319 West Broad Street. As the gallery’s third home, the initial move-in contributed to the rebirth of the Downtown Arts District and its vital role as a cultural landmark in Richmond.