Satellite Exhibition

Fabric & Fiber

March 2 - June 8, 2020

Fabric & Fiber Artist Reception: TBD
Linden Row Inn, 100 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23219

Fabric & Fiber is a pairing of contemporary fiber art and textile with the historic architecture of Linden Row Inn. Fabric & Fiber features work from six local Richmond artists: Meg Roberts Arsenovic, Adah Kanter, Nava Levenson, Lindsay Parnell, Natasha Kovac, and Michael-Birch Pierce. Giving a voice to an often misunderstood medium, these artists are innovating what fiber and textiles in contemporary art can be.

Meg Roberts Arsenovic was raised by a leopard-print-clad mother from Long Island, NY and a sailor father from Savannah, GA who settled in a rural Virginia town at the intersection of the Pamunkey, Mattaponi, and York rivers. As an artist based in Richmond, VA, her work is driven by processing lessons learned in all of these places, primarily through the use of alluring textures in bright, naive colors.

Adah Kanter was born in 1988 in Norfolk, Virginia. She grew up in the Tidewater area until moving to Richmond to attend school. In 2012, she received her BFA in Craft/Material Studies and her BFA in Art Education at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts. Her art-making involves many handmade fiber traditions like sewing, quilting, and weaving, coupled with personal reflection as to why each of the processes transforms into a meditative process for her.

Nava Levenson is an artist, organizer and collaborator based in Richmond, VA. Rooted in ritual and collection, her practice investigates domesticity, objecthood and the human condition. Trained in sculpture and fibers, she utilizes these mediums as tools in performance and process. Her work is comprised of installations, performances, gatherings, and her own brand of food. Nava is the recipient of a CVPA Research Grant and the 2017 David Diller Outstanding Student in Studio Art Award at James Madison University where she received her BFA in Sculpture. Currently her work deals in curating, material reuse and gendered labor as it relates to construction and homesteading.

Lindsay Parnell and Natasha Kovacs are collaborative, cross-disciplinary, artists that combine their individual interests in dance, sculpture, and time-based art. They are currently focusing on wet felting as a performative process.

As collaborative artists, we focus on relationships – with each other, with our body, and with physical spaces. Our work is performative, and the objects that we create act as documentation of our shared experiences. The ongoing felt works are playful and bright, inspiring viewers to join in on the warm soapy making.

Michael-Birch Pierce received their MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus on embroidery and embellishment and their BFA in fashion design from VCU where they now teaches Fashion Design and Arts Foundation. Their work is an intimate study of the self we choose to share and the authenticity of interaction. Couched in the superficiality of high fashion and costume, they uses traditional embroidery techniques to elevate cheap and gaudy materials into precious, tenuous structures. Each piece has a personality and through hours of obsessive stitching, they help construct its identity. Covered in paint or draped in sequins, they exist in layers that demand an intimate relationship with the viewer, concealing and revealing amalgams of plastic and purities of light and space.